Incoming College Freshmen-Turned-Entrepreneurs Look To Revolutionize The Way Dorm Rooms Are Decorated

Jul 02, 2019, 09:07 ET

TULSA, Oklahoma - (PRNewswire)

Preparing to ship off to college can be stressful, but decorating a dorm room shouldn't be. The founders of the recently-launched Carter & Clyde platform came to this realization as they, themselves, started the process of shopping for dorm room décor. While preparing to embark on their journey as college freshmen this fall, they were frustrated by the struggle of finding functional products with quality design. This experience prompted them to develop a better way for college students to shop for their dorm necessities.

Carter & Clyde is the brainchild of 18-year-old Matthew Stolper and 19-year-old Robert Ragland, two incoming college freshmen-turned-entrepreneurs who experienced their own challenges as they began to hunt for cool items to decorate their respective dorm rooms with. The pair realized that there is no online resource that serves as a one-stop-shop for students looking to design their dorm room in a stylish, yet functional way.

Using the site is simple, allowing students to search through curated collections of dorm essentials that are bucketed into easy-to-navigate categories such as "desk accessories" or "twin XL bedding." Carter & Clyde has done all the painstaking research to identify and hand-pick the best options for each category, saving time and hassle during the shopping process.

"The idea for the website was born when Robert and I began to search for decorations for our own dorm rooms and became incredibly frustrated with how hard it was to find items we actually wanted," says Matthew Stolper, incoming freshman at Southern Methodist University and co-founder of Carter & Clyde. "Our platform is designed to help college students, both new and returning, easily find and purchase stylish, functional dorm décor without wasting hours in stores or aimlessly searching the internet to no avail."

Carter & Clyde allows users to purchase items from their collection directly from Amazon, ensuring the best possible price, a large factor for the majority of college students who live on tight budgets. And as more people use the site, collections of items will become tailored based on purchasing trends and site data.


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