Our Story

Matthew Stolper and Robert Ragland | Carter & Clyde Co-Founders
(Matthew Stolper , Robert Ragland)
After graduating high school in 2019, we quickly discovered our mutual discomfort with the dorm shopping experience. Our local retailers had limited options, it was difficult to visualize items in a space, and some stores' prices were simply outrageous. Empowered to fix this undesirable experience, we created and launched Carter & Clyde from our hometown of Tulsa, OK.

We make dorm shopping easy.

Amazon’s competitive prices, lightning fast 2 day shipping, and their exemplary customer service results in an incredible buying experience. But, there’s one issue. Their search results and product discovery features fail to help customers find uniquely designed products. At Carter & Clyde, our mission is to save you time by hand-picking the best dorm products available, and filtering out Amazon’s outdated and unappealing items.