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Finding Rest that Goes Beyond Taking 3 Naps a Day

Better sleep leads to better academic performance, less stress, and provides many other health benefits. But as most college students know, this seems pretty much impossible. There’s too much the world is asking of us and too little time to figure out what it is that we’re asking from ourselves.

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Top 10 Items to Bring to College: From the Girl Who Overpacked

Freshman year, I was known as the girl who overpacked and owned any item possibly necessary to survive college. With my expertise, I have compiled a list of the top 10 college dorm room items that I NEEDED when living on my own. Your next four years are going to be full of excitement and challenges, but having a completely stocked room can make simples tasks a little easier.

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How to Sleep Comfortably in a College Dorm Bed

The college lifestyle has its ups and downs. The great aspects to a college student are independence, time freedom, a fresh start in one’s chapter, and immersing in new experiences! When it comes to dorm life, living conditions may not be the same as living at home on your own personal bed. Having a goodnight’s sleep derives from sleeping on a comfortable bed with good padding.

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