How to Sleep Comfortably in a College Dorm Bed


College student lying on twin bed in dorm room

The college lifestyle has its ups and downs. The great aspects to a college student are independence, time freedom, a fresh start in one’s chapter, and immersing in new experiences! However, some challenging aspects of the college lifestyle can be staying up late to study for a big exam, with independence comes responsibilities that may be a tough transition at first, and most importantly dorm life.

When it comes to dorm life, living conditions may not be the same as living at home on your own personal bed. Having a goodnight’s sleep derives from sleeping on a comfortable bed with good padding.

In this article, I will discuss several essential tips on how to make your college mattress more comfortable.

Tip #1: Invest in Good-Quality Comforters and Blankets/Sheets

White bed comforter and sheets

As underrated as this may seem for many college students to think about, having good quality comforters, blankets, and sheets are very important to sleeping comfortably. It makes coming to your bed after a long and strenuous day very worth it in between classes or in the evening once all tasks have been completed. Having comforters, blankets, and sheets that are versatile in use will be vital to longevity. In terms of versatility, the sleep accessories must fit different temperatures and conditions as most of a college student’s time is spent on campus and less at home.

Our absolute favorite comforter we always recommend is the Royal Tradition Twin XL. It's plush and breathable.

As far as sheets are concerned, you cannot go wrong with the Casper Sleep Soft and Durable Supima Cotton Sheets. This sheet set is soft and stretchy “due to anchor bands attached to all four corners that will not slip off your mattress” (or mattress topper).

Casper Sleep Soft and Durable Supima Cotton Sheet Set, Twin XL, White/Slate

Tip #2 : Finding an Appropriate Mattress Pad

Mattress topper mattress pad

Adding a comfortable mattress pad will be essential to have a sound sleep in the evenings or taking naps.

A mattress pad will add an additional comfortable layer onto your mattress that one may not get simply from sleeping on the mattress itself. This is important, especially for mattresses in college dorms that are typically firm and sturdy. Synonymously called a mattress topper, the material, and quality of the mattress topper are vital.

According to Herculite’s blog, a material that is beneficial to relieving tension is called “visco-elastic foam.” It has a characteristic of “viscous material and elastic material, and is best for relieving pressure points while you lay down at night.”

Other suggestions in regards to mattress toppers are looking into electric mattress pads for students in colder environments. Interwoven heating filaments will add warmth to the bed.

We recommend this Twin XL Ventilated Mattress Pad from Houzz.

Tip #3: Finding the Right Pillow: Fluffy, Large, and Comfortable

College student laying on bed and hugging a blue pillow

Another tip I will give college students is having pillows that are fluffy, large, and well-shaped.

Speaking from experience, having flat pillows will not make you sleep well. It results in possible head and neck pain. The purpose of a pillow is to provide support and comfort to the head, neck, and body. It is also meant to assist in relieving any pressure points in the body that may have been caused by a long day. Tensions are meant to be alleviated during sleep.

Here is an article that talks about the five best pillows meant for college students! Our personal favorite is this pillow from Casper. It comes packaged in a small and easy to transport tube.

Several aspects of a pillow that a college student should look for is size, durability, and comfort. There are also even recommended products that college students can purchase from--particularly Amazon.

Now Catch Some’s Precious Zzzzz’s!

Setting yourself up for the best success in making college feel at home is by starting at your dorm. Once it has a homey vibe to the living area, this becomes an easier transition for college students. Having the right sleeping accessories is important for sleeping well at night and minimizing homesickness as well.

College students should think of these tips as a way to invest in themselves when looking to purchase the right sleeping accessories for themselves. Minimizing the challenges as much as possible will make the four years of college very worth it. I hope this helps everyone catch some precious zzz’s during their time in college!