Attending College Will Change the Way You See the World


Student walking through college campus

Some of you might be first-generation college students in your family. As the first generation, you want to attend the best school possible in order to get your future straight. Before attending college, however, it's important to ponder certain questions regarding your decision:

  • Why should I attend college?

  • What can I learn during my four years of college?

  • Is my tuition worth it?

For those of you who are still struggling with this decision, let me tell you, YOU SHOULD ATTEND COLLEGE!

Everyone reading this now has likely been striving for years to find their way into their dream school. You’ve spent lots of effort to get all A’s in high school and have diligently studied for the SAT and ACT because you want to be in the best shape possible come application season.

College is not like high school. College is a broader platform that gives you more freedom.

You will be in a bigger classroom with more people, your schedules will be more flexible based upon your course selection, you will get a syllabus outlining each assignment and tests throughout the entire semester.

College gives you the opportunity to experience a lifestyle unbeknownst to you until now.

Here are five reasons why attending college can and should affect the way you see the world and your future.

Meet Awesome People

Young group of people smiling by a lake

At college, you will meet people from different kinds of backgrounds, credences, lifestyles, etc... It’s a good thing to be on a diverse campus so that you can learn from everybody. Acknowledging the diverse viewpoints at a given school can also help you expand your wealth of knowledge, accruing a more holistic worldview. This is a skill you will carry with you for life.

Sometimes, it's hard to find someone who has similar interests and personality as you. However, if you go to enough clubs and you say enough “hellos,” eventually you will find yourself in a supportive and cool network of friends. As with many college friendships, these can last a lifetime, so take “making friends at college” importantly, as they very well may pave your future.

Build a Network

College career networking event

Most colleges will have on-campus events for students to meet more people and enhance career opportunities. For example, there’s job fairs, career events, job panels, networking events, etc. These events give students an opportunity to start their job search and learn more valuable skills to carry with them into the workforce.

One very important factor about these networking events is that they can help you form a relationship with a company of choice, one that will likely help you in finding a successful first job. There will be recruiters at the events, and this will be your chance to present yourself the way you want. Give them a personable, positive memory to carry with them for when they think of you.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for these events:

  • Check your resume with many of your peers (not as a flex, but as more of a gauge check, to make sure everything is where it should be). Be prepared to introduce yourself to employers or recruiters

  • Dress up in an appropriate and professional manner

  • Look at companies sites that you interested in, get to know the companies

  • Be willing to ask questions and put yourself out there

Find Yourself

College guy staring at a reflection of himself

It’s very important to know what you want and what you are looking for. This could also be defined as, what is your dream? During your four years of college, it’s a chance for you to get to know yourself and flourish as a person. Once you know what you want and what you are looking for, you will find more ways to attack and grasp your dream head-on.

For example, most four-year colleges will give you time to decide your major at the end of your sophomore year. So, in preparation for this momentous decision, be sure to take some time for self-reflection and analyze what you enjoy, and what you are good at. If you find yourself and your dream while in college, you may entirely avoid the oh-so daunting “mid life crisis.”

Become an Independent Thinker

Independent girl

This is one of the most important things you need to learn in college. Building independence can be started by living without your family. Living without family could be a challenge for some of you, but this is a step you must have to go through in your life, as you become more independent.. By being more independent, you will find that you’re able to take on and handle more tasks than ever before. Tasks that used to be daunting will now be a piece of cake.

After you learn how to become more independent, you will see dramatic differences in your critical thinking and decision-making skills... You will better understand the complexity of society and be more rational when making decisions throughout your life.

College Degree

Two students standing together after a college graduation ceremony

A college degree can be used to decide your career in today’s workforce. Having a degree is the first step to opening up opportunities. The higher education you have completed, you will find more job opportunities and get a higher salary.

According to research, college students earn more on average when compared to those who do not attend.. "Forbes" states that individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn $400 more per week than individuals who do not hold a degree.

You will also have more career opportunities. College gives you the chance to learn various skills that can help you after you graduate. These skills will qualify you for a broad range of employment in your desired field. The higher the degree that you achieve, the more knowledge and skills you have to bring to the table.

Final Notes

College is a unique time that allows students to meet many like-minded individuals, network, and open the doors to many job opportunities. You will experience all sorts of things during college, whether it’s excitement, sadness, nervousness, or moments of failure, etc. Everything happens for a reason, and each moment of failure will help you mature and become a better person.

Now ask yourself again, why should I attend college? What can I learn during my four years of college? Is my tuition worth it?

I hope this article helped you answer these questions. Leave a comment below on your reasons for attending college!