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We Ranked The 10 Nicest College Dorms For 2019

#10 Pomona College Pomona College, located in Claremont California, receives the number ten spot on our list. Most Residence Halls on campus at Pomona are constructed in elegant Spanish style architecture. Each Residence Hall is in close proximity to a pool and features a lounge and grassy courtyard. Freshmen and sophomores at Pomona live on South Campus, while Juniors and Seniors live on North Campus. #9 The University of Texas at Austin The flagship university in Austin, Texas, UT is an incredible place for students. With a 31 billion dollar endowment, UT has recently spent millions on upgrading their dorms. Most dorms at the University of Texas are above average, however, the reason why UT is on our list is...

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Top College Dorm Essentials for 2019

The following list will cover all of the different items that you will need for college. Plenty of incoming college freshmen tend to buy items they assume they’ll need, but never end up actually using. This comprehensive Dorm Essential List has been put together by a team of college students from their own experiences.

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